DIY Giude For Fitting A Vanity Unit

1. Cut a hole in the vanity unit with the help of the template provided or, lithe hole is precut, check the measurement against that of the sink.

2. Prop the basin up while you install the mixer unit. Start with the outlet spout which is fixed with a brass nut and packing washers.

3. Now take the water inlet assembly and check that the hot and cold spur pipes are the right length so that the tap sub-assemblies are correctly positioned.

4. Fix the assembly in position with the brass nuts supplied by the manufacturer. Make sure that all the washers are included otherwise the fitting won’t be secure.

5. Now complete the tap heads by first sliding on the flange which covers up the securing nut; next put on the headwork and tighten the retaining nut.

6. Finish oft the tap assembly by fitting the coloured markers into place fred for hot is usually on the left), and gently pressing home the chrome cap.

7. Now insert the waste outlet. Make sure the rubber flange is fitted properly and seats comfortably into the basin surround.

8. Turn the basin over; secure the outlet and the pop-up waste control rods. These may need shortening depending on clearance inside the vanity unit.

9. Before you put the basin into its final position put a strip of mastic around the opening in the vanity unit to ensure a watertight seal.

10. Press the basin gently into position and fix it to the underside of the top of the vanity unit. Attach the waste plug to its keeper.

11. Now fix the inlet pipes to the two mixer connections and screw on the waste trap. Take the doors off the vanity unit to make access easier.

12. Turn the water back on and check for leaks. Check the pop-up waste system works, then put the doors of the vanity unit back on.

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