Cool Down Your Home by Maximizing the Air Circulation

If you have difficulties keeping your house cool during the warm season, you may need to update your methods. Simply using a home air conditioner or ceiling fans won’t always do the trick. There are better ways to adjust the air circulation in your home and reduce the amount of heat that seeps in from outside. These tips can create more comfortable temperatures and reduce cooling costs.

Cool Down Your Home by Maximizing the Air Circulation

Cool Down Your Home by Maximizing the Air Circulation

Improve Circulation of Cool Air

One of the most effective ways to decrease the amount of heat in a home is through ventilation. Create a cross breeze throughout the house with window, ceiling and freestanding fans. Open interior doors, face window fans outward and keep a window open in areas that are directly across from the fans. Set the direction of ceiling fan blades to turn counterclockwise for improved air flow.

You may also want to install an attic fan. This will keep hot air from becoming trapped, and it can significantly drop the temperatures of the lower floors. Be sure to use adequate insulation in the attic and the rest of the house as well. If you have a central air conditioning system for cooling down multiple rooms, close the vents in unused areas, but keep vents open near thermostats.

Optimize Your Air Conditioner

Caring for your home air conditioner and using it properly can dramatically enhance its performance. Change the filter every month during the warm season to keep the air flowing freely. Invest in a correctly sized high-efficiency unit that reduces humidity. If your air conditioning unit sits in direct sunlight, plant bushes around it to shade it, but don’t block any air flow.

You can make the most of your air conditioner by setting the thermostat properly. Keep it at 78 degrees, and turn it slightly higher if you use ceiling fans. Turning the unit off or setting it too high while you’re gone can cause it to work harder when it’s turned back on. To avoid this, take advantage of modern technology by using a mobile app that connects the thermostat to a smartphone. You can do slight adjustments throughout the day if necessary.

Block Out Hot Air

Maintaining cool temperatures in your home involves more than just circulating or cooling the air. You’ll need to prevent the outdoor heat from coming in as well. Check for drafts around windows and doors, and use weather stripping, caulking or foam sealant to seal any problem spots. Install light-colored shades or blinds on interior windows, and hang bamboo shades outside to deflect the sun’s heat.

In some cases, keeping windows and curtains closed during the warm part of the day may prevent indoor temperatures from climbing too high. You can avoid letting in the heat and humidity during the day and just open windows at night to air out the house. By making a few simple adjustments to your normal efforts, you can keep your house cool and comfortable throughout the hot and steamy months.

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