Combining a Microwave and a Convection Oven to Create Culinary Masterpieces in your own Home

We all know and love microwave ovens and the incredible value that they have on our lives by making it easy to cook as well as reheat our meals quickly. Convection ovens are also a great tool for our kitchen arsenal as well, because they use a fan that circulates hot air through the oven which cooks our food evenly and precisely.

The microwave and the convection oven on their own are very useful kitchen appliances and between the two of them they have features and benefits that are essential in our daily lives. Imagine if you could combine the two into one single unit, Oh yes there is such a thing and it is called a microwave convection oven. Think of an uncluttered kitchen where you can make the most of your precious space by having a dual function microwave convection oven.

The way that microwave ovens work is by using energy (watts) and radiation to quickly and efficiently reheat your liquids and or food, by heating up all the different components to the same degree. By doing this the food is cooked fast internally , however it is not able to bake, form a crust or achieve that slow baked goodness that some dessert or other types of food demand.

Now a convection oven with its circulatory fan constantly shifts heat inside the oven, preventing the food from being isolated by any cool air which is the standard operating procedure in your traditional oven you may have at home. With the consistent heat circulation cycling through the convection oven it makes browning, baking and crispy delicious dishes possible and easily achievable.

The revolutionary microwave convection oven that is now on the market is the best of both worlds. Not only does it have the quickness and consistent efficiency of your traditional microwave oven, but it offers the superior features of a convection oven that include baking, preheating and that taste you can really only get from an oven that circulates heat to cook food.

Now if you just want to heat up water to make ramen noodles all you really need is a simple microwave. But if you want to be a culinary creative genius and demand versatility in your appliances, then a microwave convection oven is going to be like a gift from above for you and your family.

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