Choosing an Energy Efficient Heater for Your Home

When it comes to heating your home or garage, you’ll want to find the electric heater that’s most energy efficient. If you’ve already decided on an electric heater, you most likely plan to heat a particular space in your home. This shows that you’re already being energy efficient.

The reason for this is that a portable electric heater lets you raise the thermostat on main energy source in your home. A central heating system heats the whole house whether they’re being occupied or not. So even raising the thermostat by 3 or 4 degrees makes a big impact on your energy consumption.

When you use an electric heater, you can move it as you enter or leave a particular room. You need to measure the room you need the heater for to make sure you get the correct size of heater for it. If you have a room that’s 500 square feet, there’s no need to get a heater that works for a 900 square foot room.

Look at the different features offered by the heater you’re thinking of buying. Many new models offer thermostats that can be programmed or ones that are just built in. This maintains the temperature by adjusting to whatever the temperature is in the room. You can use this feature to turn off the heater when you don’t need it by programming a particular time for the heater to turn off.

This is a really useful feature if you’re using an electric garage heater as many people forget to turn them off. Something to think about is how the heated air circulates through the room. Heating the air is important but distributing it effectively also matters. So your heater should have a built in fan to help with the distribution. Nearly all new energy efficient electric heaters all have several built in safety features now. This includes an automatic shut off feature should the heater accidently get knocked over or something.

Whether you’re looking for an electric heater for your home or your garage, if you’re not quite sure what sort you need, try an electric heater hire first. This lets you try one out for a small fee so that you can see if it’s the one you want.

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