Choosing a Layout for your Kitchen

Much like the living room or the bedroom, the kitchen is a very important part of the house. The kitchen is full of important things and sometimes it is where the family gathers and talks about things. You need to make your kitchen organized and as friendly as possible. Getting the perfect kitchen is not an easy thing to do.

This article will teach you some things about the kitchen layout and how to pick one.

The Corridor Layout is one of the most interesting layouts and offers a very efficient method to use the space. There are two rows that go along the room. The only trick with this design is to make sure the doors of the cabinets can open at the same time. You do not want to cause some accidents.

The Single Line Layout is quite simple but smart. The single line layout is mostly used for those rooms that are small but have a wall over 10 feet long and has no doors or windows. On that wall you can put all the items. Place the sink in the middle of the wall. In this way you will cut the space in two parts. Separating the space will make sure that you do not run from one end of the wall to the other.

The L-shape Layout is for one of those family kitchens where you can accommodate the guests by placing the chairs and the table in the same area. The single downside is that there is not much space for traffic because the other two walls are used in the design. This layout also has the sink, fridge and range placed separately from the preparation area.

The U-shape Layout utilizes all three full walls of the room. This is perfect for a fully functional kitchen and for those people who like to cook. The design requires that the sink, fridge and the range are placed in the same space. It is quite an effective placement method. In the U-shape of the layout you also get a lot of storage space.

The Island Layout should be used if you have a lot of place available. Use this layout if you like to socialize when you are making food. The island is the center where the food is made.

Some Kitchen Design Tips:

1. Put the sink in an area where there is also an area to prepare food.
2. Make sure all the drawers and cupboards are close to your cooking area so that you do now waste time and energy.
3. Do not put the appliances like a dishwasher or oven in a remote place because you will obstruct the traffic.
4. Place the fridge a bit far from the stove because you want to avoid causing some damage due to clashes in temperature.
5. Get an eye-level oven and have a good and nearby heat-resistant bench surface.

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