Change The Look Of Your Home With Spanish Style Roof Architecture

If you are thinking about purchasing a new roof for your house you need to put a lot of thought into it before settling upon a roof type. The first and the foremost decision is regarding the type of roof that you want and what type would enhance the beauty of your home.

You can choose among the many options available these days. Each of the options has its own pros and cons and is suited for particular climates. Tile is a very popular residential roof material and can be made out of concrete, slate or clay. Spanish red tiles are used in Spanish style roof architecture are most commonly found in former colonies such as Southern California, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Spanish clay roof are descended from a style that was popular in ancient Rome. Spanish tile roofing materials are mostly suitable for houses in dry climates. The elegant look of Spanish tiles can give your home a very stylish and chic look. So these tiles are both practical and a beauty enhancement investment for your house.

These primarily terra-cotta roofing are by and large quarter-round tubes having ridges etched into them for directing rainwater off the roof. They are also known as barrel tiles. Bent into a half-round shape, barrel type roof tiles are like a semi round tube, and may be mounted in alternating vertical rows of convex and concave placements.

This is one of its kinds of Spanish roof tiles. Barrel roof tiles are less popular than the quarter round mission style of roof tiles. Every region has its own unique style of roofing, and Spanish roof styles are no exception. Mission, round and barrel roof tiles are all various kinds of kiln-fired tiles that you can purchase for your own home depending upon the structure of your house and the climate of your region.

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