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7 Weird Causes of Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes can be a particularly horrible occurrence, they stop waste water leaving your home and can often result in unpleasant flooding. But how do you attain whether you have a blocked drain? The signs…

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How to Connect an Over-Rim Bidet

When you come to install any bidet, it’s best to start at the appliance end and finish by breaking into the water supply pipes. If you do this the water supply to the rest of…

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DIY Guide For Installing a Bidet

If you’ve got the room, a bidet can provide a useful addition to the bathroom. There are two types available, each of which is installed in a different way. A bidet is a specially-shaped, low-level…

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DIY Giude For Fitting A Vanity Unit

1. Cut a hole in the vanity unit with the help of the template provided or, lithe hole is precut, check the measurement against that of the sink. 2. Prop the basin up while you…

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DIY Guide For Replacing Your Toilet

Replacing your WC need not be a frightening prospect provided you follow a few basic rules. It also gives you the opportunity to install a quieter and more efficient piece of equipment. There are several…