Buying the Right Snow Blower For You

There are people who love the winter and the snow, while others could easily live without them. The people in the first category have snowblowers, while the second category has nothing else than a shovel.

Similarly to a car, snowblowers are available in several models and makes and are suited for various different purposes. The type of snowblowers to go with depends on some variables, such as the length of your driveway, the yearly received amount of snow, the weight if the snow or the wideness of the space that you should remove the snow off.

For people who live in a city and need to clean a sidewalk and driveway, a one stage snow blower should be sufficient. These snow blowers get in contact with the ground, so pay attention to the surface where it is used. One stage snow blowers generally costs between $300 and $900.

On the other, if you live in an area with a considerable amount of snow and an extended area to clear, it is highly recommended to go with a two stage snow blower. These machines operate with large augers to remove snow from larger areas, throwing it much further. Based on the type of the chosen two stage snow blower, prices range between $600 and $2000.

It is important to make sure the auger doesn’t get in contact with the ground when you are dealing with gravel driveway. The auger could pick up the small rocks and damage your snowblower. Usually, two stage snowblowers are perfectly suitable for gravel driveways.

If your region only gets a couple of inches per snowfall, or you need to clear away a rather small area, a one stage electric snowblower could be the perfect choice for you. Such electric snow blowers are available on the market for prices ranging between $100 and $300 and will remove snow from an area of 11-18 inches.

Obviously, a retailer will not allow you to test the snow blower by removing the snow from your driveway. But, you could test their floor models. You should look for one that is suitable for your strength. Keep in mind that big snow blowers are also quite heavy. You might be king of your street with the largest snow blower in the neighborhood, but it would be useless if you cannot easily move it around.

Check if you can adjust the handlebars according to your height, because it is vital for you to be able to properly control the snowblower. Also check the chute control, as by adjusting its direction, you can direct the angle of the discharged snow.

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