Bringing Solar Thermal into Your Home

As there are so many people concerned about the energy today, the majority of houses are created to use passive solar heating methods. Part of the process is solar thermal. If your home is one of those, you should look into how it all works.

Everyone likes the idea of free heating in their homes. This will save quite a bit on the power bill. Passive solar heating can make this happen. This is when a house is built or upgraded to catch and keep as much sun as possible, and use it as heat. If you want to use solar effectively for heating, you need to understand thermal mass.

Thermal mass is any matter that absorbs and keeps heat. For homes, this means material that catches and stores the heat from the sun while dispersing it later when the sun isn’t there. Actually, your house has thermal mass producing heat already. Anything that’s exposed to the sun can act as thermal mass. Usually, this isn’t enough to make much of a difference.

Passive solar houses have materials placed strategically where they’ll be efficient at absorbing and sending out heat. This is known as intentional thermal mass. It’s not as complex as it sounds. These materials include such things as tiles, bricks and masonry. Clay materials and adobe also work well at times.

The thermal mass in a passive solar house needs to be placed inside the house. If you carefully place brick and tile in places under windows that get lots of sun during the day, this will usually work just fine. The amount of thermal mass used will vary according to how much heat you need.

A misconception about thermal matter is regarding their color. It might make sense that these materials need to be a dark color since that’s what absorbs more heat. This isn’t necessarily true with passive solar as it’s the material rather than the color that matters. Bricks can be absorb nearly any light color except white. This can be a major advantage if you don’t want a gloomy and dark interior of your house.

If you’re interested in finding out more about thermal products and thermal solutions, you should consult with a solar thermal company.

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