Bathroom Makeover Ideas

If you do not like your bathroom that much, if you think that way every time you go inside, then maybe it is time to change the way your bathroom looks. You can change the shower, the sink, the curtains or the tiles. Even if your bathroom is small, there are many things to improve and to make your bathroom look bigger. For example, if you make the walls lighter, with a shade of light brown, it will seem bigger. No matter what you need to change, remodeling the bathroom on your own can be an easy thing to do and less expensive.

You will find many solutions and some of them will fit your budget too. Here are some useful makeover ideas that do not cost much and they are easy to do by yourself.

Changing the color
Selecting a color for your new remodeled bathroom is very important. No matter what color you like, remember that dark shades make the space look small and light colors bring the illusion of a lot of space. There are many pastel colors in neutral or white shades. The light colors will also make your bathroom look full of life.

Brighten up the bathroom
Add as much light as possible as it will brighten up and add style to your bathroom. The light also creates a cozy effect and adds space.

Make it more delicate
Pick a large vanity cabinet under the sink and in this way you will have more space. Also, the mountable sink will add even more space to the room. The small shelves placed in the corner also create this effect.

Don’t leave objects on the wall
Remove all the objects that are sticked on the wall. They make the room seem small and crowded.

Change the wall mirror
Mirrors are very useful to look at ourselves in the morning but they also add light and space to the room. So choose a big mirror with a beautiful design.

The flooring matters a lot. It is very important to match the flooring with the rest of the bathroom items. If the floor is too colorful, it will create a feeling of crowdedness. Change the old floor with some nice tiles and you can also add a large colored rug. The effect will be great.

Less clutter
Clutter is something you must remove. So get rid of all the unnecessary items that hang around. If you like art, then you can put a small or medium size painting on the wall. Use a single accessory instead of many hanged all over the place. Keep the things simple and elegant.

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