Angle Grinder Buying Tips

If you’re a DIY type of person or someone who’s fond of home improvements then you must take note that you will need a powerful and useful angle grinder for assembling those tool kits you purchased. The angle grinder tools won’t just be used for grinding, polishing and shaping but it’s also able to cut because of the abrasive disc that spins and cuts.

For a bigger type of job such as removing metal rust then you’d need one that is heavy-duty. If you also need a tool that will grind stones and cut tiles then the tool that would be best for you is the angle grinder. It can even be used to sharpen your other power tool items.

Angle Grinder Buying Tips

Angle Grinder Buying Tips

When choosing the best angle grinder for you, make sure you know if it’s going to be used for heavier uses and for precision. If the job ahead is heavy then you’d need an angle grinder with a bigger disc size and the motor must also be powerful and heavy-duty. Cement cutting, for example, would require a tool that is powered by at least 5 amperes.

The angle grinder can be customized for the job you have in mind. You can use a wire brush for stripping down of paint on flat surfaces and even on tight corners. A diamond wheel is used for removing mortars between the bricks without causing any damage. Make sure you research on what grinder works with different discs so you can make the right choice.

Before you purchase an angle grinder, you must also check if the protective guard is adjustable to keep unwanted material away to keep you safe. You’d also want to have a system for dust ejection and you’d want the motor and bearings to be sealed away from dust. For better control, an anti-vibration feature would be highly desired as vibration can make you feel tired quickly and would be harder to control the grinder.

You must also check for reviews from other owners and know what they have to say about their angle grinder. Make sure to read if the grinder is sturdy since it’s something you’d use for tough jobs. Check for other features that you’d like such as if it can be rechargeable so you won’t have to worry about the cord, etc.

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