All You Need to Know about Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane and is also referred to as visco-elastic polyurethane foam. They also contain certain chemicals that increase the viscosity which in turn increases the density.Memory foams are pressure-sensitive and mold themselves to the shape of the body resting on them.

Since memory foams are denser than other foams,they are heavier but also more supportive. They are firmer in cooler temperatures and softer in warmer conditions. When first introduced in the market, the memory foam was considered very expensive but with later developments cheaper versions of the foam have come in, which are used to make mattresses and pillows.

The mattresses made of memory foams offer great comfort and hence preferred by many. There are many advantages in using a memory foam mattress. The most impressive of them is the ability of these mattresses to mold to the shape of the person resting on them, thereby providing great comfort and support to the body.

Because of a heavier density and its visco-elastic properties, these mattresses offer greater comfort than ordinary mattresses. Since they are temperature sensitive, the mattresses tend to stay firmer in cooler environment and become softer in warmer conditions. When spread over an adjustable bed, these mattresses can provide the ultimate comfort.

These mattresses also have a very high resistance to parasites like dust mites, thereby allowing a person to sleep without any disturbance. While shopping for a memory foam mattress, it is very important that you buy a good brand through a reputed seller. You will do well to collect as much information about various manufacturers and brands before deciding on the right mattress. It is also necessary for you to sit on the mattress, to check the comfort level, before actually buying it.

You should look for a mattress that has 2-3 inches of memory foam inside. Buying a mattress that is at least six inches longer than your height is essential. You can also compare the prices and choose the one that fits into your budget. Most of these memory foam mattresses come with a warranty.

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