7 Weird Causes of Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes can be a particularly horrible occurrence, they stop waste water leaving your home and can often result in unpleasant flooding. But how do you attain whether you have a blocked drain?

The signs of a blockage can be identified by toilets not flushing properly or when water drains away extremely slowly. Causes of these blockages can vary, some are more common such as grease, fat and hair – but there have instances of incredibly strange blockages found in drainage systems.

Blocked Pipes

Blocked Pipes

GI Joe Action Figure

When I was a child I attempted to see if my Action Man figure could fly, so I chucked him out of a window and watched in horror as he fell to the ground and lost a few of his plastic limbs. Needless to say, I was devastated at the complete lack of flight from my action figure. Another child apparently had a similar idea, a plumber found a GI Joe figure which had caused a blockage in the pipes resulting in a backup of water – apparently action figures are not strong swimmers either.


Dropping your toothbrush down the toilet in a morning zombie-like state is nothing uncommon, attempting to flush that same toothbrush away is something completely different. In one particular troubling call-out, the cause of a blockage was found to be a toothbrush which had got wedged at the bottom of the toilet. Hopefully the customer in question never used that toothbrush again.


Numerous residents in the south-west London region called upon the help of plumbers when their toilets failed to flush. The last thing they expected to be the cause of their problems would have been a mammoth ‘fatberg’ filling up the sewage pipes – but this was exactly the thing to blame. An accumulation of food, wipes, and other waste products had built up to form a 15-tonne block of fat – the size of a double-decker bus – in the sewage pipes beneath London. Dubbed the ‘fatberg’, it took 3 weeks to completely remove this substantial blockage in order to avert certain wide-scale flooding in the South London area.

Of course, a blockage in your pipes does not necessarily mean you have a fat monster lurking in the sewers. If you are suffering with any problems relating to plumbing, then you require the services of a professional plumber. PPBS plumbers cover south west London boroughs such as Wandsworth (http://ppbs.co.uk/wandsworth-plumbers/), you can rest assured that Permanex Plumbers have the expertise to help with a wide range of plumbing problems.

A Six Pack of Beer

We all know the dangers that come with the improper disposal of six pack rings which can harm marine wildlife, these plastic rings are commonly found in drainage systems around the word. Less commonly found is a full six pack of beer, but in one drain cleaning job that is exactly what plumbers found lurking in the drains. No word on whether this six pack was drank or thrown away after it was located.

A live badger

Drain cleaning often brings up various peculiar findings, but an unsuspecting team of plumbers from Scotland made a startling discovery in what they presumed to be a routine job – a live badger was found trapped in the drains – fortunately he was rescued and later made a full recovery. Hopefully the little guy has learnt his lesson and will never stray into the drains again.

Mop Head

A plumber was called in on an emergency call-out when a customer’s basement had completely flooded with filthy sewage water. The cause of this calamitous flood was found to be the work of a mop head which had somehow got flushed down the drain resulting in this huge blockage. If you didn’t realise this already – flushing a mop head down a drain is not a smart idea.


I’m not totally sure how this is possible, but a team on a routine drainage cleaning call-out managed to find an entire bedspread. I have thought about how something like a bedspread could end up in the drains, but have come up with no plausible answer. Maybe you can think of explanation?

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