10 Tools For Every Garage

Sneaking a peak into the average home owner’s garage is likely to produce some interesting views into what types of tools are absolutely required, and a variety of others which may border upon specialty applications. There are however a list of generally accepted, must have tools which one should count on being present in any garage or tool shed one enters.

The following list of ten tools are completely subjective, though much care and effort has been taken to be comprehensive with the tool selection and the types of work which can be undertaken. If the tools and machines adorning ones favorite garage and work space diverge dramatically, consider the special uses of the tools for the hobbies or tasks they might have been procured for.

The 10 Basic Tools Any Good Garage Should Have

  1. Tool Storage: Technically a tool for ones tools. Whether a toolbox, dedicated shelf space for larger hand tools, or even peg board hangers, the choice one makes when it comes to storing tools will pay off many times over in the ease of finding ones tools for any given job. Additionally, having tools openly displayed on peg board systems can make for quick inventory and visual recognition when a tool is missing.
  2. Work Bench: Another facilitator of ones use of tools, the work bench needs to be solid, made of wood that can take a ding, or chip without falling apart. Avid do-it-yourself types need to be able to bang away on a project at times, and with a solid, functional work bench in the garage or tool shed, success is often just a bang or two away.
  3. Vice Clamp: Sizes of clamps vary, but not having one can create serious challenges when needing two hands to perform some function on their current project. Being able to secure materials inside the clamping surfaces frees up hands, as well as providing additional capabilities that are built into to some models of home vice clamps.
  4. Air Compressor: If you have air tools, you can easily power them up with a portable air compressor or find rotary screw air compressors with high CFM ratings.
  5. Screwdrivers: Many homeowners think they have more than enough of the right types of screwdrivers until the time comes when a specific application requires the driver to be larger, smaller, flat edge or Phillips. Nothing is worse than attempting to make the wrong type of screwdriver do a job. Usually damage to the materials or ones fingers occurs. It’s much easier to simply invest in a quality set of widely used types of screwdrivers well in advance of ever needing them for a job.
  6. Hammers: Certainly not a candidate of the one type fits all, the hammer is a powerful tool. However, if one only has a 24 ounce roofing hammer in the garage, it might make for overkill when attempting to drive finishing nails into the newly installed foot boards.
  7. Vice Grips: Like its clamp cousin, having a variety of sizes of vice grips will make quick work of so many jobs where one simply does not have the hand strength to hold materials still. Good three packs of vice grips in successive sizes can be found for extremely reasonable prices.
  8. Glues: Again, perhaps not technically a tool, but more a supply, having the right glue for the job will have the effect of having used a quality tool. Whether a solid wood glue or even an instant super glue variety, being able to adhere pieces together (with the use of the vice clamp!) will make quick work of so many projects.
  9. Pliers: Although one can go crazy on the variety of hand pliers available for purchase, having a few different styles and sizes is always a great way to obtain a solid grip producing the leverage required to get bolts loosened, nuts tightened and any number of other garage actions.
  10. Cordless Drill System: Possibly bordering on a specialty item, with the availability of add-on devices, most cordless drills easily convert to power screwdrivers, sanders, mini-hand saws, oh, and of course drills.

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